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Interested in multiple classes? Purchase a set of lessons at a discounted rate for any subject/topic!

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  • 4 Lessons

    1 Month, 1 Lesson per week
    Valid for one year
  • Best Value

    10 Lessons

    1 Month, 2 Lessons per week
    Valid for one year
  • 20 Lessons

    1 Month, 4 Lessons per week
    Valid for one year


Educational/Business Solutions:

PBL and Teacher Training                              

Team Based Management Training

Custom Curriculum Design / Education Modelling

Business and Organization Solutions/Streamlining for Efficient Workflow

Training Material Creation, Instruction Manuals/Guides

Academic/Proofreading Services:

Academic/Proofreading Services:

Proofreading/Editing/Spelling and Grammar Checking of Powerpoints/Slides, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Research Papers, Legal Documents, Books, Academic Essays, Journal Articles, and more!


Audiobook narration, E-learning/educational resources, dubbing, commercials, advertisements, English book reading, English narration of powerpoints/E-learning tools

College/University/Study Abroad/Application Services:

College/Study Abroad/Application Services:

College Consultation/Studying Abroad/Reference Letters

Applications for studying abroad, college/work interview coaching, paper writing skills training for college/academic essays/admission questionairres.

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