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Strategic Development Education Course
"Passion and Drive for Academic Excellence!"

Our Core Values:

I.     DIST/SDEC uses online educational             platforms and resources to enrich the           lives of students and teachers.

II.    Every student is important and will               impact the world in some way.

III.    We must prepare them to reach their          full potential by challenging them                academically.

IV.    Teaching is a way to transform the                world. 

V.    Every teacher is a world-changer                   whose impact can be felt in the next             generation of leaders.


Course Content:

I.   Day 1 Classroom Management Techniques

II.   Day 2 Teacher - Student                                          Interaction/Activities, Student Engagement          and Lesson Planning.

III.  Day 3 Extra Practice / Curricular Activities            (field trips, lab experiments, etc.

IV.   Day 4 Parent Feedback/Engagement

V.     Day 5 Standardized Test Application                      Questions and How to Write Them                        (multiple-choice, true/false, etc.) Study                  Abroad Application for Each Subject's                  Material (English Speaking, Interview                    Coaching/Questions, etc.), Academic                    Counseling and Scholarhips.


Meet Our Instructor:
Dr. Jeff Daniel

Hi there, I’m Dr. Jeff Daniel.

As the founder of DIST in 2018, I started with the motivation that every student deserves a great education! After years of working in the educational sector as a teacher across many different age groups, I found that our current educational system is inadequate in developing the student as a whole. Many educational institutions focus on boring tests and assignments that students parrot back the answers without critical thinking. If the student has to answer the question from another perspective then the student is stuck. This should not be! The students should know the material so well that they would not be fooled with a trick question. For our students, I envision three things that we need to create in a student. First, there is desire. The student needs to have a desire to learn and improve themselves otherwise acquiring information without any passion for it is completely useless. Second, the student needs to acquire the proper knowledge. This can be done through the use of hands-on learning, auditory techniques, visual technology, and the integration of practical skills from the material covered. Finally, the student should commit to being a lifelong learner. A student’s learning should not stop in the classroom but should be continued throughout their life as they encounter problems that they will be forced to solve.

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Our Mission: 


   1.    To use education for enrichment.


   2.    Develop critical thinking and analytic skills.


   3.    Cultivate students to be lifelong learners.


   4.    Create dynamic teachers who can teach                both inside and outside of the traditional              classroom.


   5.    Implement the latest technologies and                  teaching strategies to create a fun,                          informative, and entertaining classroom                environment for students.

   6.    Discover an innovative approach to the                  dynamically changing field of education to            be ahead of the game and not fall behind.

   7.   Exchange ideas with fellow teachers to                   both learn and grow as a teacher and                     professional.

   8.   Periodic re-evaluation – See what works                 and keep it, if something doesn’t work                   discard or change it.  This can be every 2               weeks, once a month, or whenever is                     deemed most appropriate.



Course Format:

I.    Worksheets – Fill in the blank,                        True/False, Multiple Choice Quiz                  questions at the end of each section.

II.    Application project: Group project               where teachers collaborate to                       implement what they have learned               and how to apply it in the                               classroom/practically.

III.    Presentation of the project/what they          have learned…. this could be an

        after-session worksheet/summarize in          a paragraph or two what they learned          that specific session.  Could be a ppt          or to read a worksheet of the                        paragraph that the student trainee              reads after they wrote it.

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      A Division of Dorado Institute (DIST)

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