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Don't Miss out While You Are Away From School!

About Us:

DIST uses online educational platforms and resources to enrich the lives of students. We believe every student is important and will impact the world in some way. Our mission is to prepare students to reach their full potential by challenging them academically.

Courses Offered:

Take a look at the amazing courses we offer! DIST is unmatched in terms of knowledgeable instructors, professionalism, and dedication to make students the best they can be!


Do you want to improve your English language skills, grammar, and speaking ability? Then this course is right for you! Sign up now to experience professional English immersion classes! Whether it’s to improve your public speaking skills, English writing, business English, or college application/essay. We can help you!

Latin Vocabulary

Enhance your English vocabulary using our tested and approved Latin vocabulary builder. No longer will you struggle in understanding complex words in class! By using our course, students have improved their reading comprehension and vocabulary scores on the ACT, SAT, and MAP tests. Students are also amazed that they can now express themselves in fewer but more expressive words when talking with others.


Learn Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth, and General Science courses. Classes are available from middle school, high school, and even college-level/AP style classes in a fun, creative, and interactive way! If you are preparing for ACT, SAT, or MAP tests, we also have a science review course that is proven to boost your science score percentage by 15-30%.


Discover the intricacies of the human mind in our psychology courses. Explore why do humans have certain behaviors and the underlying factors behind them.


Is Math hard for you? Here at DIST math classes are a piece of cake. Our instructors discuss easy shortcuts to memorize formulas and make the math simple. We offer math courses such as Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1, and Calculus 2. If you are preparing for ACT, SAT, or MAP tests, we also have a math review course that is proven to boost your math score percentage from 7-20%.


Examine the social interactions that affect our daily lives from a micro and macro scale. Understand people better and use the tools of our sociology course to better interact with others.

History / Geography

Are you interested in learning about different cultures and lands? Do TV shows like National Geographic and Discovery Channel inspire your sense of wonder at the diversity in the world? Don’t worry at DIST we have got you covered there as well! With our entertaining lectures, we explore the history of different cultures, people groups, and lands! Need to pass a test such as the AP History exam? No problem! We have a comprehensive review course we can offer to help you smash any history test with ease!

Test Prep

Ace that ACT/SAT/MAP test with our outstanding preparation courses! Whether it’s English, Reading, Science, or Math we can ensure you get an awesome score on standardized tests! Book a review course today and watch your scholarship offers come in after you get high scores!

IELTS Exam Prep

OET Exam Prep

Mastering a second language such as English can be hard. At DIST, we make it easy, simple, and entertaining with online English lessons that are packed with material. With our IELTS Exam Prep Course, you are sure to ace the IELTS exam and improve your English. Contact us and take a step forward into your future!

OET (Occupational English Test) is an important exam when pursuing your healthcare career. Your competence in English can affect your benefits, placement, and your salary. Ensure success and seize the opportunity by enrolling in our OET Exam Prep Course. Receive training from a board-certified doctor with 10 years of experience teaching at the university level.  Improve your vocational English and score high on the exam. Sign up today!

Medical Transcription

Like to type on the computer and listen to audio at the same time? Enjoy working from home? Then consider enrolling in our Medical Transcription Course. You will learn the fundamentals of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical abbreviations, and improve your auditory and computer skills all in one. Join thousands of online workers in the innovative world of medical transcription. Enroll today!


My teacher was very knowledgeable and polite. They answered my questions patiently and gave me feedback in areas where I could improve. I really enjoyed my class! - Lina Zhou (student)

The class was entertaining and I've never laughed so much while I learned with my teacher. This is better than going to a physical school all day long! I'm signing up for more classes. It was that good! :D

Carson Smith (student)

“I'm very happy with the education my student received at DIST. They really care about students growth not just in academics but as a person. The instructors assisted my student in preparation for passing several exams. The founder even helped Esther apply and get into a high school in Canada! I've tried many online educational companies and this is the best one I have used! I highly recommend DIST!"

Lisa, Esther's mom

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